HFIP Annual 2023 Day 3 - Nov 16th 2023

Day 3 HFIP Annual Sessions 5 and 6:

Session 5 Summary & Key Ideas:

SBES Discussion: Need to address misperceptions, better understanding of uncertainty, connectedness to information, and how to respond to various levels of impacts. Laura Myers & Chandra Clarkvery useful slides on the value of SBES and how we should think about it.
Renato: very useful slides on the dollar value of HFIP, which shows huge cost benefit of the program.

Coastal Impacts and Vulnerability Discussion:Craig Setzer Royal Caribbeanmore probabilistic wind speed probability products! Multi-model and ensemble approach. Model forecasts and data are generally good, need more products to visualize and convey the information.
Lee County EM: some storm-surge vulnerable residents did not take the risk seriously in Ian because storm surge was minor in Charley and Irma due to similar intensities but much smaller wind field. 2 ft of water is roughly 1 mi further inland in SW FL. Top priority is improving RI prediction at longer lead times. Probabilistic storm surge more than 48h prior, 72h is helpful.

Session 5A: Social and Economic Impacts

Session 5B: Coastal impacts & Vulnerability Brainstorming

Session 6A1: Supplementals and JTTI

Session 6A.2: I Programmatic Overview

Session 6B: WPO Testbeds: H.O.T.