HFIP Annual 2023 Day 1 - Nov 14th 2023

Day 1 - HFIP Annual Sessions 1 and 2:

Session 1 Summary & Key Ideas:

Building HFIP and HAFS into the future, ideas from HFIP Annual Meeting 2023 to form a new Strategic Plan

Updating the HFIP Strategic Plan (writing team to be stood up shortly)

5-year (2025 - 2030)

10-year (2025 - 2035)

5-year: Attainable and Required goals

Complete 2017 Wx Act goals

Transition and enhance 2019-2024 goals to maturity

10-year: Stretch goals and Innovations

Years 1-5: Goals that are beyond Wx Act but developmentally tied to 5-year plan’s actions

Years 6-10: Innovations beyond deterministic error reductions and move to last-mile and other probabilistic needs and communications for NOAA and beyond

2023 was a significant year for HFIP in that HAFS-A and HAFS-B were transitioned to operations, and were amongst the most skillful guidance this hurricane season.  An experimental HAFS ensemble was also run in 2023, along with a debut of new probabilistic forecast guidance, with promising initial results. 

Session 1A: Leadership Remarks and Updates

Session 1B: Forecaster Needs and Activities Supporting Operations

Session 2A: Challenging storm working group

Session 2B: Impact of Recon Data on TC Forecasts