HFIP Telecon Meetings

Date Title Presenter File
Sep 1 2021 NOAA National Ocean Service Storm Surge Modelling: Research, Development and Operational Services Saeed Moghimi  
Jul 7 2021 Is Weather Chaotic? Coexisting Chaotic and Non-Chaotic Attractors and Time Varying Multistability within a Generalized Lorenz Model Bo-Wen Shen  
Jun 9 2021 Operational Forecasting of Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification at the National Hurricane Center Mark DeMaria; James Frankin; John Kaplan  
Apr 14 2021 NWS Local Tropical Operations Jessica Schauer, National Hurricane Center  
Feb 17 2021 Ice Water Content as a Precursor to Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Dr. Shun-Nan Wu, RSMAS  
Feb 17 2021 Toward Better Parameterizations of Planetary Boundary Layer schemes in Hurricane Conditions using Large-Eddy Simulations Dr. Xiaomin Chen, AOML/HRD  

Date Title Presenter File
Apr 15 2020 Rapid Co-evolution of the Coastal Ocean and Atmosphere in Hurricanes and Typhoons Scott Glenn (Rutgers)  
Mar 18 2020 Advanced DA Techniques for Satellite-Derived Atmospheric Motion Vectors from GOES 16/17 in the HWRF Agnes Lim (Wisconsin)  
Feb 19 2020 Evaluating the Effect of Model Physics on Hurricane Rapid Intensification Forecasts in HWRF Jun Zhang (AOML)  
Jan 22 2020 How do Localized, Sub-vortex-scale Events within a Hurricane Contribute to a Vortex (system)-scale Rapid Intensity Changes? Sai Bhalachandran (Stanford)  

Date Title Presenter File
Sep 4 2019 Development of the Ground-based Radar Data Assimilation Capacity within the HWRF Hybrid EnVar Data Assimilation System to Improve the Land-falling Hurricane Predication Xuguang Wang (OU)  
Aug 7 2019 From Toy Models to NWP: Leveraging HWRF for Data Assimilation Research Jon Poterjoy (UMD)
Jun 12 2019 Impact of the Anomalously Warm Gulf of Mexico on Hurricane Michael (2018) Intensity George Halliwell (AOML)  
Feb 20 2019 Emerging Airborne Observational Strategies for Improved Tropical Cyclone Predication Peter Black (EMC)  

Date Title Presenter File
Oct 31 2018 Real-time Display and Diagnostic System Paul Kucera (NCAR)